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Removing an SFP or XFP Transceiver from an EX-series Switch

EX-series switches have a field-replaceable unit (FRU) uplink module on the front panel. You can install two SFP transceivers in the SFP uplink module and four XFP transceivers in the XFP uplink module. The SFP and XFP transceivers in EX-series switches are hot-removable and hot-insertable.

Ensure you have the following tools and parts available to remove an SFP or XFP transceiver from an EX-series switch chassis:

  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding strap
  • An electrostatic bag or antistatic mat
  • Needlenose pliers
  • A rubber safety cap for the transceiver
  • A dust cover for the port

Ensure you understand how to prevent ESD damage (see Preventing Electrostatic Discharge Damage).

To remove an SFP or XFP transceiver from an uplink module installed in an EX-series switch (see Figure 1):

  1. Attach an electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding strap to your bare wrist, and connect the strap to the ESD point on the chassis.
  2. Label the cable connected to the transceiver so that you can reconnect it correctly.

    Warning: Do not look directly into a fiber-optic transceiver or into the end of a fiber-optic cable. Fiber-optic transceivers contain laser light sources that can damage your eyes.

  3. Remove the cable connector plugged into the transceiver.
  4. Pull the ejector handle out from the transceiver to unlock the transceiver.

    Caution: Make sure you open the ejector handle completely until you hear it click. This prevents damage to the transceiver.

  5. Using the needlenose pliers, pull the ejector handle out from the transceiver.
  6. Grasp the transceiver ejector handle and gently slide the transceiver approximately 0.5 in (1.3 cm) out of the uplink module.
  7. Grasp the body of the transceiver and pull it out of the uplink module.
  8. Place the rubber safety cap over the transceiver.
  9. Place the transceiver in the electrostatic bag or on the antistatic mat.
  10. Place a dust cover over the empty port in the uplink module.

Figure 1: Removing an SFP or XFP Transceiver from an EX-series Switch

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