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Removing and Inserting the PC Card


The slot labeled PC CARD on the Routing Engine faceplate accepts a Type I PC card, as defined in the PC Card Standard published by the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA). You can also copy Junos OS from the Routing Engine onto a PC card, for example, to create a backup copy of upgrade software that you have obtained from Juniper Networks. Instructions for copying software to a PC card are available at the Juniper Networks Customer Support Center Web site (; after logging in, navigate to the download page for Junos OS.

The following Compact Flash are supported on the M7i Router:

  • Sandisk (SDCFJ-1024-388)

  • Unigen (UGB30SHS1000C3JN)

  • Western Digital (SSD-C01G-3502)

To remove and insert a PC card, perform the following procedures:

Removing the PC Card

The PC card is inserted in the slot labeled PC CARD in the Routing Engine faceplate. To remove the PC card (see Figure 1):

  1. Press the eject button located to the right of the PC card slot in the Routing Engine faceplate.
  2. When the PC card pops partially out of the slot, grasp the card and pull it straight out of the slot.
Figure 1: Removing the PC Card
Removing the PC Card

Replacing the PC Card Adapter Flash Disk

The PC card is an adapter that holds a flash disk. To replace the flash disk (see Figure 2):

  1. If a flash disk is already inserted in the PC card adapter, slide the flash disk out of the adapter.
  2. Align the replacement flash disk with the adapter.
  3. Press the flash disk firmly all the way into the adapter.
Figure 2: Inserting the PC Card Flash Disk
Inserting the
PC Card Flash Disk

Inserting the PC Card

To insert the PC card (see Figure 3):

  1. Orient the PC card with the Juniper Networks logo facing in the direction specified on the Routing Engine faceplate. Insert the card into the slot.
  2. Press the card firmly all the way into the slot.
Figure 3: Inserting the PC Card
Inserting the PC Card