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Replacing the Console or Auxiliary Cable on an MX960 Router


To use a system console to configure and manage the Routing Engine, connect it to the CONSOLE port on the Routing Engine. To use a laptop, modem, or other auxiliary device, connect it to the AUX port on the Routing Engine. Both ports accept a cable with an RJ-45 connector. One RJ-45/DB-9 cable is provided with the router. If you want to connect a device to both ports, you must supply another cable.

To replace a cable connected to a management console or auxiliary device:

  1. Wrap and fasten one end of the ESD grounding strap around your bare wrist, and connect the other end of the strap to an ESD point.
  2. Press the tab on the connector, and pull the connector straight out of the port.
  3. Disconnect the cable from the console or auxiliary device.
  4. Plug the RJ-45 end of the replacement serial cable into the CONSOLE or AUX port. Figure 1 shows the external device ports on the Routing Engine.
  5. Plug the female DB-9 end into the console or auxiliary device's serial port.
Figure 1: Auxiliary and Console Ports
Auxiliary and Console