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Diagnostic Tests


Startup power-on self-test (SPOST) and power-on self-test (POST) diagnostic tests run automatically on the LN2600 router as part of the boot-up process at every power-on, reset, or warm reboot. SPOST diagnostics consist of a limited suite of quick diagnostics that ensure that system components required for Boot Loader and diagnostics relocation and execution from RAM are working without error. POST diagnostics consist of a suite of quick diagnostics that ensure that components of the system are working without error before trying to load and execute Junos OS. PASS/FAIL test results for the SPOST and POST diagnostics are reported by means of the front panel LED and console port.

In the event that SPOST, POST, or the bootstrap sequence reports a failure and the front panel LED lights red, extended diagnostic tests are available.

In the event of failure of any hardware component, run the diagnostic tests from the BOOT prompt.

For information about running extended diagnostic tests and other hardware issues, contact Juniper Networks.

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