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    Installing an RE Module in an EX9208 Switch

    You can install either one or two Routing Engine (RE) modules in an EX9208 switch. Each RE module is installed horizontally in a Switch Fabric (SF) module installed in the switch.

    Note: We recommend that you install two RE modules for redundancy.

    Caution: Do not lift the RE module by holding the ejector handles. The ejector handles cannot support the weight of the module. Lifting the ejector handles by the levers might bend the levers, and the bent ejector handles will prevent the RE module from being properly seated in the chassis.

    Before you begin installing an RE module in an EX9208 switch:

    Ensure that you have the following parts and tools available to install an RE module:

    • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding strap
    • Phillips (+) screwdriver, number 1 and 2

    To install an RE module in an EX9208 switch (see Figure 1):

    1. Attach the electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding strap to your bare wrist and connect the strap to one of the ESD points on the chassis.
    2. Taking care not to touch the leads, pins, or solder connections, pull the RE module out from the bag.
    3. Ensure that the ejector handles are not in the locked position. If necessary, flip the ejector handles outward.
    4. Place one hand underneath the RE module to support it.
    5. Carefully align the sides of the RE module with the guides inside the RE slot on the SF.
    6. Slide the RE module into the SF module until you feel resistance, and then press in the faceplate of the RE module until it engages the connectors.
    7. Press both of the ejector handles inward to seat the RE module.
    8. Tighten the screws, one on each side of the RE module using a screwdriver.
    9. Connect the management device cables to the RE module.

      The RE module might require several minutes to boot.

      After the RE module boots, verify that it is installed correctly by checking the RE0 and RE1 LEDs on the craft interface. If the switch is operational and the Routing Engine is functioning properly, the ONLINE LED glows steady green. If the FAIL LED lights red steadily instead, remove and install the RE again. If the FAIL LED still lights red steadily, the RE is not functioning properly. Contact your customer support representative.

      You can use show chassis routing-engine command to check the status of Routing Engines.

    Figure 1: Installing an RE Module in an EX9208 Switch

    Installing an RE
Module in an EX9208 Switch

    Published: 2013-04-02