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Connecting Power to an AC-Powered M120 Router


You connect AC power to the router by attaching power cords from the AC power sources to the AC appliance inlets on the power supply faceplates. For power cord and grounding cable specifications, see M120 AC Power, Connection, and Power Cord Specifications and Connecting the Grounding Cable to the M120 Router.

To connect the AC power cords to the router for each power supply (see Figure 1):

  1. Locate the power cords shipped with the router, which should have a plug appropriate for your geographical location (see M120 AC Power, Connection, and Power Cord Specifications).
  2. Attach an ESD grounding strap to your bare wrist and connect the strap to one of the ESD points on the chassis.
  3. Move the power switch on the power supply faceplate to the standby position.
  4. Insert the appliance coupler end of each power cord into the appliance inlet on the power supply faceplate.
  5. Remove the cable restraint from the lower edge of the power supply faceplate by removing its retainer screw.
  6. Wrap the cable restraint around the power cord, then slide it along the power cord to a position that enables you to reinstall it in the power supply faceplate.
  7. Reinstall the cable restraint by tightening its retainer screw part of the way into the power supply faceplate.
  8. Carefully pull the AC power cords through the cable restraint until you have the desired amount of slack in the power cord.
  9. Tighten the cable restraint retainer screw to hold the power cords in place.
  10. Insert the power cord plugs into an AC power source receptacle. Verify that the power cord does not block access to router components or drape where people could trip on it.Note

    Each AC power supply has two AC appliance inlets. Each power supply must be connected to a dedicated AC power feed. For 100-120 VAC, both inlets are used. For 200-240 VAC, only the top inlet is used. For information about site power preparations, see M120 Router Power Requirements.

Figure 1: Connecting AC Power to the M120 Router
Connecting AC Power
to the M120 Router