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    Removing an MCS from an M40e Router

    To remove an MCS from an M40e router:

    1. Place an electrostatic bag or antistatic mat on a flat, stable surface.
    2. Attach an electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding strap to your bare wrist, and connect the strap to one of the ESD points on the chassis.
    3. Remove the rear component cover by loosening the thumbscrew at each corner of the cover and pulling it straight off the chassis. For complete instructions, see Removing Components from the Chassis Before Installing the M40e Router Without a Lift.
    4. If two host modules are installed, use one of the following two methods to determine which is functioning as master:
      • Note which of the green host module MASTER LEDs is lit on the craft interface.
      • The master Routing Engine is designated Master in the Current state field when you issue the command:

        user@host> show chassis routing-engine
        Routing Engine status:      Slot 0:     Current state                 Master ...  
    5. If the component you are removing belongs to the master host module and a second host module is installed, switch mastership to the standby host module by issuing the CLI command:

      user@host> request chassis routing-engine master switch
    6. To halt the router:

      user@host> request system halt

      Wait until a message appears on the console confirming that the operating system has halted.

      For more information about the command, see the Junos OS System Basics and Services Command Reference.

      Note: The SFM might continue forwarding traffic for approximately 5 minutes after the request system halt command has been issued.

    7. Push the end of each extractor clip (located at each end of the MCS) outward.
    8. Grasp the extractor clips and slide the MCS about halfway out of the chassis.
    9. Place one hand under the MCS to support it, slide it completely out of the chassis, and place it on the antistatic mat or in the electrostatic bag.

    Figure 1: Removing an MCS from an M40e Router

    Image g001928.gif

    Published: 2010-10-28