Technical Documentation

Lifting the JCS 1200 Platform into the Rack or Cabinet

Before you begin, see the following topics:

Lifting the chassis and mounting it in a rack requires four people. The empty chassis weighs approximately 229 lb (99.82 kg).

  1. Ensure the rack is in its permanent location and is secured to the building.
  2. Position the JCS 1200 platform in front of the rack or cabinet, centering it in front of the mounting shelves. Use a pallet jack if one is available.
  3. With one person on each side and one person in the front, hold onto the bottom of the chassis and carefully lift it onto the large and small (if installed) mounting shelves.
  4. Carefully slide the JCS 1200 platform onto the mounting shelves so that the bottom of the chassis and the mounting shelves overlap by approximately 2 in.
  5. Install a mounting screw into each of the open mounting holes in the rack-mounting flanges to fasten the chassis to the rack, starting from the bottom.
  6. Visually inspect the alignment of the JCS 1200 platform. If the JCS 1200 platform is installed properly in the rack, all the mounting screws on one side of the rack should be aligned with the mounting screws on the opposite side, and the platform should be level.