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Removing an EX 8208 Switch from a Rack or Cabinet Without Using a Mechanical Lift

If you cannot use a mechanical lift to remove the switch (the preferred method), you can remove it manually.

Caution: The chassis with only the backplane and no other components weighs approximately 89 lb (41 kg). Lifting the chassis and removing it from a rack or cabinet requires at least three people.

The chassis has two handles. Do not lift a fully loaded chassis by the handles; make sure the chassis is empty before you lift it. If two of the people lifting the chassis use the handles to lift it, the third person must lift from the rear of the chassis. The rear of the chassis is heavier than the front of the chassis, so when you lift the chassis by the handles, the chassis tips toward the heavier back end. The person lifting from the back must be aware of this behavior and must be braced to prevent the chassis from tipping over.

When lifting the chassis, do not grasp the switch by the blue panel at the top front of the chassis. Doing so can cause the panel to pop off of the switch.

Caution: When removing more than one switch from a rack, remove the switch at the top first. We strongly recommend removing a switch that is in an upper position in a rack or cabinet with a lift.

Before you remove the switch:

Ensure that you have the following parts and tools available to remove the switch:

  • A Phillips (+) screwdriver, number 2 or number 3, depending on the size of your rack mounting screws

To remove the switch from the rack (see Figure 1):

  1. Use the appropriate Phillips (+) screwdriver to remove the 24 mounting screws that attach the chassis front-mounting brackets to the rack or cabinet.

    Warning: To prevent injury, keep your back straight and lift with your legs, not your back. Do not twist your body as you lift. Balance the load evenly and be sure that your footing is firm.

  2. With one person on each side and one person in the back, hold onto the bottom of the chassis and carefully lift it out of the adjustable mounting brackets attached to the rack. If you have a pallet jack, move the switch onto the pallet jack.

    Figure 1: Removing an EX 8208 Switch Chassis Without Using a Mechanical Lift

    Image g020560.gif

  3. Carefully move the chassis to its new location.

After you move the switch to its new location, reinstall the components in the chassis or store the components in antistatic bags. See:

Updated: 2009-04-08