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Overview of Installing a T4000 Router Without a Mechanical Lift


If you cannot use a mechanical lift to install the T1600 router (the preferred method), you can install it manually. Before installing the router, make sure that you have prepared your site, unpacked the router from the shipping crate, and installed the mounting hardware.

To install the router:

  1. Gather the tools required to install the router.

    See Tools Required to Install the T4000 Router Without a Mechanical Lift.

  2. Remove components from the chassis to make it easier to install into the rack.

    See Removing T4000 Components from the Chassis.

  3. Install the router into the rack.

    See Installing the T4000 Chassis in a Rack or Cabinet Manually.

  4. Reinstall the components removed from the chassis.

    See Reinstalling the T4000 Components in the Chassis.