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Overview of Installing the T4000 Router into a Rack

  1. Read the safety information. To avoid harm to yourself or the router as you lift it into the rack, follow the guidelines and safety procedures for working with routers.

    See T4000 Installation Safety Guidelines and General Safety Guidelines and Warnings.

  2. Verify that the site has been prepared for the router installation.

    See Overview of Preparing the Site for the T4000 Router.

  3. Because of the T4000 router's size and weight—up to 663.6 lb (301.0 kg) fully configured—we strongly recommend that you lift the router into the rack using a mechanical lift. See Overview of Installing a T4000 Router Using a Mechanical Lift

    However, if a mechanical lift is not available, you can remove components from the chassis to make it easier to install into the rack. With components removed, the chassis weighs approximately 240 lb (109 kg), and four people can lift the chassis into the rack manually. See Overview of Installing a T4000 Router Without a Mechanical Lift.