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Overview of Installing the T320 Router into a Rack


Verify that the following tasks have been completed before installing the router in a rack:

  1. Verify that all the tasks required to prepare the site for router installation have been completed.

    See T320 Site Preparation Checklist Requirements.

  2. Review the safety information.

    See T320 Installation Safety Guidelines and General Safety Guidelines for Juniper Networks Devices.


    To avoid harm to yourself or the router as you install and maintain it, follow the guidelines for working with and near electrical equipment, as well as the safety procedures for working with routers. However, providing an exhaustive set of guidelines for working with electrical equipment is beyond the scope of this documentation.

  3. Remove the router from the shipping crate.

    See Unpacking the T320 Router.

  4. Install the mounting hardware.

    See Installing the T320 Mounting Hardware for a Four-Post Rack or Cabinet or Installing the T320 Mounting Hardware for an Open-Frame Rack

Because of the T320 router's size and weight—up to 370 lb (168 kg) depending on the configuration—we strongly recommend that you install the router using a mechanical lift, as described in Overview of Installing a T320 Router Using a Mechanical Lift.

If you are unable to use a lift to install the router, refer to Overview of Installing the T320 Router Without a Mechanical Lift for complete instructions to safely install the router. Without a mechanical lift, at least three people are needed to safely lift the chassis into the rack or cabinet.