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Installing the M10i Router into a Rack


Using a mechanical lift to maneuver the router into the rack is recommended because of the router's size and weight. The lift must be able to accommodate the router's weight—between 57 lb (25.9 kg) and about 79 lb (35.8 kg) depending on configuration—and must fit between the support posts of the rack. If you do not use a mechanical lift, installing the chassis safely requires two people to lift and an additional person to insert the mounting screws.

If you are installing multiple routers in one rack, install the lowest one first and proceed upward in the rack.

First, perform the following prerequisite procedures:

Then perform the following procedures to install the router (see Figure 1 and Figure 2):

  1. If you are center-mounting the router, move the mounting brackets on the chassis from the front-mounting position to the center-mounting position. For instructions, see Moving the Mounting Brackets.
  2. Position the chassis at the appropriate height in the rack:
    • If using a mechanical lift, load the router onto the lift, making sure it rests securely on the lift platform. Use the lift to raise the chassis to the correct height.

    • If not using a mechanical lift, have one person stand behind the router and another person in front. Grasp the chassis, lift it, and position it at the correct height. Have a third person ready to install the mounting screws.

  3. Align the bottom hole in both mounting brackets with a hole in each rack rail, making sure the chassis is level.
  4. Install a mounting screw into each of the two aligned holes. Use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the screws.
  5. Moving up the router, install a mounting screw into the remaining holes in each mounting. At least two screws in each mounting bracket are required, at the top and bottom of the mounting bracket.
  6. Verify that the router is level.
  7. If using a mechanical lift, move it away from the rack.
  8. To continue the installation, proceed to Initially Configuring the M10i Router.
Figure 1: Installing the Chassis into a Open-Frame Rack
Installing the Chassis
into a Open-Frame Rack
Figure 2: Installing the Chassis into a Four-Post Rack
Installing the Chassis
into a Four-Post Rack