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Installing a Power Supply in an EX-series Switch

The power supply in EX 3200 and EX 4200 switches is a hot-removable and hot-insertable field-replaceable unit (FRU): you can remove and replace it without powering off the switch or disrupting switch functions.

Ensure you have the following parts and tools available to install a power supply in an EX 3200 or EX 4200 switch chassis:

  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding strap
  • Phillips (+) screwdriver, number 2

Before you begin installing a power supply in an EX 3200 or EX 4200 switch, ensure that you have taken the necessary precautions to prevent ESD damage (see Preventing Electrostatic Discharge Damage).

To install a power supply in an EX 3200 or EX 4200 switch (see Figure 1):

  1. Attach the electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding strap to your bare wrist, and connect the strap to the ESD point on the chassis.
  2. Taking care not to touch power supply components, pins, leads, or solder connections, remove the power supply from its bag.
  3. Loosen the locking lever screw on the left front of the power supply by using the Phillips (+) screwdriver, number 2.
  4. Push down on the locking lever until it is in its lowest position.
  5. Using both hands, place the power supply in the power supply slot on the rear panel of the switch and slide it in until it is fully seated.

    Note: The handle on the 320 W AC power supply is at the bottom of the power supply faceplate, while the handle on the 600 W and the 930 W AC power supplies is at the top of the faceplate. The handle on the 190 W DC power supply runs across the faceplate.

  6. Push the locking lever up to its highest position (this action might pull the power supply in).
  7. Tighten the locking lever screw by using the Phillips (+) screwdriver, number 2.

Figure 1: Installing a Power Supply in an EX 3200 or EX 4200 Switch

Image g020089.gif

Note: Each power supply must be connected to a dedicated power source outlet.

Note: If you have a Juniper J-Care service contract, register any addition, change, or upgrade of hardware components at Failure to do so can result in significant delays if you need replacement parts. This note applies if you change the type of power supply or add a new type of uplink module. It does not apply if you replace these components with the same type of component.