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Transferring the Line-Card Chassis Configuration to the TX Matrix Plus Router


After you integrate the line-card chassis (LCC) into the routing matrix, the TX Matrix Plus router is now the point of control for the routing matrix. You configure and manage the routing matrix through the external management devices connected to the LCCs.

  1. Transfer the modified LCC configuration to the TX Matrix Plus router. You can use an intermediate server on the out-of-band management network accessible by both the LCCs and the TX Matrix Plus router.
  2. On an external management device connected to the console or auxiliary port of the TXP-CB on the TX Matrix Plus router, load the configuration saved in Creating a Configuration File on the Standalone Router for Integration into the Routing Matrix. Use the merge option as follows:
    user@host# load merge txp-config.conf
  3. Commit the configuration on both the master and the backup Routing Engines.
    user@host# commit synchronize

    If you choose to run different Junos OS Releases on the Routing Engines, or if you want a different configuration on the backup Routing Engine, issue the commit command without the synchronize option. In either case, you must create a configuration for the backup Routing Engine. To do this, log in to the backup Routing Engine and repeat this procedure. The TX Matrix Plus router will copy this configuration to all the backup Routing Engines in the routing matrix after control is transferred to the TX Matrix Plus router.