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Configuring the LCC Mode for the Line-Card Chassis


For T1600 routers in a TXP-T1600 configuration—set chassis lcc-mode is not supported or required.

Before you connect the line-card chassis (LCC) or power on an offline LCC, configure the lcc-mode using the set chassis lcc-mode command. For more information about the command, see lcc-mode.

To set the lcc-mode:

  1. Log in to the TX Matrix Plus router.

  2. Set the lcc-mode, as needed.
    • For T1600 routers in a TXP-T1600-3D or TXP-Mixed-LCC-3D configuration—t1600 mode is the default.

    • For T4000 routers in a TXP-T4000-3D or TXP-Mixed-LCC-3D configuration—Set the lcc-mode to t4000.

  3. Commit the configuration to activate it on the router, and exit configuration mode.