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Viewing Factory-Default Settings of the SRX650 Services Gateway


To view the factory-default configuration of the services gateway using the CLI:

  1. Verify that the services gateway is powered on.
  2. Log in as the root user and provide your credentials.
  3. In shell mode, navigate to the /etc/config folder.

    % cd /etc/config

  4. View the list of default config files.

    % ls

    The following sample output displays the list of factory-default configuration files:

  5. View the required default config file.

    % vi config file name

    For example, enter the following command to view the default configuration file for the SRX240 Services Gateway.

    % vi srx240-poe-16xge-factory.conf

    The following sample output displays the factory-default configuration on an SRX240 Services Gateway: