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Configuring the CompactFlash Card


After installing the CompactFlash card for the first time, you must copy the software from the Routing Engine's hard disk to the CompactFlash card.

To copy software to the CompactFlash card:

  1. Install the CompactFlash card and replace the Routing Engine as described in Inserting the CompactFlash Card and Installing the Routing Engine in a M7i Router.
  2. On the console or other management device connected to the Routing Engine, enter CLI operational mode and issue the following command to copy the currently running and active file system partitions on the router to standby partitions on the CompactFlash card.
    user@host> request system snapshot partition

    Wait until a message appears on the console confirming that the procedure is complete.

    For more information about the command, see the CLI Explorer.

  3. Issue the following command to reboot the router's software:
    user@host> request system reboot

    The CompactFlash card will now be the primary boot device.

  4. You can verify correct boot order by issuing the show system boot-messages command. The output lists the devices mounted. The CompactFlash card is located at ad0.

    For more information about the command, see the CLI Explorer.