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Configuring the Internal Management IP Address of vSRX VNF


VNF internal management IP addresses (192.168.x.x) on the default network (virbr0 bridge) are assigned through DHCP, and /etc/hosts updates handled automatically.


You can log on to the vSRX VNF through SSH only after configuring DHCP on the fxp0 interface so that the internal management IP address is set on the fxp0 interface.

To configure the internal management IP address on the fxp0 interface of vSRX VNF.:

  1. Verify if the vSRX VNF is successfully created.

    You can see that the vSRX VM is running.

  2. Log on to the vSRX VNF console.
    • Ensure that the escape character is not as same as the character used for any other purpose in the vSRX console.

    • You can use this virsh console to log on to the console of any VM for troubleshooting, if other login methods fail.

  3. Log in as root.
  4. Enter the configuration mode.
  5. Change the default vSRX root password after you log in to the console:
  6. Enable DHCP on fxp0 interface and commit the configuration.
  7. Use the character # to return to the JDM CLI.
  8. Verify if fxp0 interface is up.

    The status alive indicates that the IP address has been assigned successfully.

    You can now establish an SSH connection to the vSRX VNF by running the ssh vsrx command.

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