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Replacing DC Power Supply Cables on the SRX3400 Services Gateway


To replace a power supply cable connected to a DC power supply:

  1. Attach an ESD grounding strap to your bare wrist and connect the strap to an approved site ESD grounding point. See the instructions for your site.
  2. Switch off the external circuit breakers for all the cables attached to the power supply. Make sure that the voltage across the DC power source cable leads is 0 V and that there is no chance that the cables might become active during the removal process.
  3. Remove the power cable from the DC power source.
  4. Attach an ESD grounding strap to your bare wrist and connect the strap to one of the ESD points on the chassis. For more information about ESD, see Preventing Electrostatic Discharge Damage to the SRX3400 Services Gateway.
  5. Make sure the cable is not touching or in the way of any services gateway components, and that it does not drape where people could trip on it.
  6. Replace the clear plastic cover over the terminal studs on the faceplate.
  7. Attach the power cable to the DC power source.
    Figure 1: Connecting DC Power Cables
    Connecting DC Power Cables
  8. Verify that the DC source power cabling is correct. Observe the status of the LED on the power supply. If the power cable is correctly installed and the power supply is functioning normally, the LED on the power supply lights green steadily.