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Configuring the 3G USB Modem on the SRX110 Services Gateway


Table 1 lists the basic CLI commands for operating the 3G USB modem on the services gateway.

The 3G wireless interface uses the prefix cl in the syntax cl-slot-number/0/port number.

Table 1: SRX110 Services Gateway 3G USB Modem Basic CLI Commands



Checks the status of the 3G USB modem.

show modem wireless interface cl-0/0/8

show interfaces terse


Unlocks the GSM SIM.

request modem wireless gsm sim-unlock cl-0/0/8 pin

Unlocks the SIM automatically on reboot.

set interfaces cl-0/0/ 8 cellular-options gsm-options sim-unlock-code

Recovers the SIM from the Pin Unlock Key (PUK) state.

When you attempt to unlock the SIM, if you enter a wrong PIN three times in a row, the SIM enters the PUK state.

request modem wireless gsm sim-unblock cl-0/0/8 puk new-puk-number pin new-pin-number

Note: You must obtain the PUK value from your cellular service provider.

Changes the PIN on the SIM.

request modem wireless gsm change-pin cl-0/0/8 old-pin current-pin-number new-pin new-pin-number

For more details on configuration examples, see the Junos OS Interfaces Configuration Guide for Security Devices.