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TX Matrix Physical Specifications


Table 1 summarizes the physical specifications for the TX Matrix router.

Table 1: Physical Specifications



Chassis dimensions

44.5 in. (113.0 cm) high

17.4 in. (44.2 cm) wide

31.4 in. (79.8 cm) deep

Total depth (including comb panel assembly) 36.4 in. (92.5 cm)

11.5 in. (29.2 cm) from front of chassis to center rack-mounting brackets

Chassis weight (without PSU, Fan-tray)

16.9_lb (7.65_kg)

TX Matrix router weight

Chassis with midplane: 240 lb (109 kg)

Minimum configuration: 488 lb (222 kg)

Maximum configuration: 495 lb (225 kg)

Routing Engine weight

2.4_lb (1.1_kg)

Craft Interface weight

2_lb (0.9_kg)

TX-CIP weight

8_lb (3.6_kg)

Control Plane Cable length

Maximum supported length: 100_m.

Front Fan Tray weight

18.6_lb (8.4_kg)

Rear Fan Tray weight

10_lb (4.5_kg)

Front Air Filter weight

1_lb (0.5_kg)

Rear Air Filter weight

1_lb (0.5_kg)

TX-SIB weight

35_lb (15.9_kg)

Two-Input 160-A DC Power Supply weight

23_lb (10.5_kg)

Three-Input 240-A DC Power Supply weight

25_lb (11.3_kg)