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Parts Inventory (Packing List) for a QFX5120 Switch


The switch shipment includes a packing list. Check the parts you receive with the switch against the items in the packing list. The packing list specifies the part number and provides a description of each part in your order. The parts shipped depend on the switch model you order.

If any part in the packing list is missing, contact your customer service representative or contact Juniper customer care from within the U.S. or Canada by telephone at 1-888-314-5822. For international-dial or direct-dial options in countries without toll-free numbers, see .

Table 1 lists the parts and their quantities as in the standard packing list for a QFX5120 switch.

Table 1: Inventory of Components Provided with a QFX5120 Switch





Fan modules


6 preinstalled

QFX5120-48T, QFX5120-48Y, and QFX5120-48YM

5 preinstalled

Power supplies

2 (AC or DC) preinstalled

AC power cords appropriate for your geographical location for AC-powered models


Four-post rack mount kit


  • Front mounting brackets—2

  • Side mounting rails—2

  • Flat head M4X8 screws to attach the front mounting brackets and side mounting rails to the switch chassis—20

  • Rear mounting (L-shaped) brackets—2

  • Pan head M4X8 screws to attach the rear mounting brackets to the side mounting rails—2

QFX5120-48T, QFX5120-48Y, and QFX5120-48YM

  • Front mounting bracket assembly for mounting the switch flush with the front posts of a rack—2

    (The front mounting bracket assembly is made up of a side rail to which an L-shaped bracket is attached.)

  • Recessed mounting brackets for mounting the switch in a recessed position from the front posts of a rack—2

  • Flat head 4x6-mm Phillips screws for attaching the front mounting brackets to the chassis—12

  • Flat head 4-40 Phillips screws for attaching recessed mounting brackets to the side rails—6

  • Rear mounting brackets—2

RJ-45 cable and RJ-45 to DB-9 serial port adapter


Documentation Roadmap


End User License Agreement



You must provide the appropriate mounting screws for mounting the switch on a rack or a cabinet.