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T4000 Power Management (Four 60-A Cables on a Six-Input DC Power Supply)


For Junos OS Release 12.3 and later, the power management feature ensures that the router has enough power to support an FPC before the FPC is brought online. To configure the power management feature, see Configuring DC Power on a T4000 Router. Depending on the type of FPCs installed, the router might not support a fully loaded chassis when you connect four 60-A DC power cables to a six 60-A input power supply.

If the power is underprovisioned for your hardware configuration, power management limits the number of FPCs brought online based on the following rules:

  • When a T1600 Enhanced Scaling FPC4 (Model: T1600-FPC4-ES) is installed, the maximum number of FPCs that can be online is six.

  • When there are no T1600-FPC4-ES installed, the maximum number of FPCs that can be online is seven.

For example, if there are six online FPCs and you insert a T1600-FPC4-ES, the power management feature will not power on the FPC.


In the event of a chassis restart, master switchover, or router reboot, the power management feature powers on the FPCs based on the setting of the set chassis fru-poweron-sequence command.


If you do not configure the power management feature and you are connecting four 60-A DC power cables to the six-input power supply and the maximum power draw is exceeded, FRU states might change from Online to Offline or Present, or the interfaces might flap, or some traffic might drop.