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T4000 DC Power System Electrical Specifications


Table 1 lists the DC power system electrical specifications.

Table 1: DC Power System Electrical Specifications



DC input voltage

Operating range: –40.0 to –72.0 VDC

DC system current rating

205 A @ –48 VDC (nominal) (9840 W)

Input 0: 25 A @ –48 VDC (nominal) (1200 W)

Input 1 through 5: 180 A @ -–48 VDC (nominal) (8640 W)

For each power supply, we recommend that you provision at least 56 A @ –48 VDC per input. Doing so enables you to operate the router in any configuration without upgrading the power infrastructure. Although Input 0 in the DC power supply requires less power, we recommend provisioning the same amount of power for each input to avoid the possibility of connecting the lower-powered DC cable to Input 1 through Input 5.

Circuit breaker current rating of 100 A per feed maximum shall be incorporated external to the equipment. The voltage rating of this breaker shall be 80 V minimum. For each power supply input, use a facility circuit breaker rated for 100 A (–48 VDC) maximum or as required by local code. You must provision a circuit breaker for each DC power supply input rated for at least 125% of the continuous current that the system draws at –48 VDC.