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T320 Power Requirements


Table 1 lists the power requirements for various hardware components when the router is operating under typical voltage conditions. For PIC power requirements, see the T320 Core Router PIC Guide.

Table 1: Component Power Requirements


Current Requirement (Amps @ –48 VDC)

Base system, not including FPCs and PICs (includes three SIBs, one host subsystem, one SCG, two power supplies, cooling system, and craft interface

9 A


0.8 A

Type 1 FPC (without PICs)

3.3 A

Type 2 FPC (without PICs)

3.3 A

Type 3 FPC (without PICs)

3.3 A

Host subsystem (Routing Engine and control board)

2.6 A


0.2 A

Power supply

0.8 A

Cooling system (normal speed)

1.7 A

Cooling system (full speed)

4.5 A

  • Power consumption for minimum configuration:

  • Power consumption for maximum configuration:

  • Current requirement adjustment for fans running at full speed (high temperature environment or cooling component failure):

  • Input current from a DC source other than –48 VDC (based on maximum configuration):

  • System thermal output for maximally configured router: