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M7i Router Power Requirements


Table 1 lists the power requirements for various hardware components when the router is operating under typical voltage conditions. For PIC power requirements, see the M7i Multiservice Edge Router Interface Module Reference.

Table 1: M7i Component Power Requirements


Power Requirement (Amps)@ 48 V

Base system (cooling system, power supplies, and FIC)

0.6 A


1.4 A

CFEB/CFEB-E with Adaptive Services Module

1.9 A

CFEB-E with MultiServices Module

1.9 A

Routing Engine

0.7 A

You can use the information in Table 1 and the M7i Multiservice Edge Router Interface Module Reference to calculate power consumption for various hardware configurations, input current from a different source voltage, and thermal output, as shown in the following examples. (For an added safety margin, the examples use a generalized value for PICs of 0.625 A @ 48 V each.)

  • Power consumption for minimum configuration:

  • Power consumption for maximum configuration:

  • Input current from a DC source other than –48 VDC (based on maximum configuration):

  • System thermal output for maximally configured AC-powered router:

  • System thermal output for maximally configured DC-powered router:


    We recommend that you provision at least 13.5  A @ 48 VDC and use a facility circuit breaker rated for 15 A minimum. Doing so enables you to operate the router in any configuration without upgrading the power infrastructure, and allows the router to function at full capacity using multiple power supplies.