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1-Port Clear Channel DS3/E3 GPIM Supported Loopback Diagnostics


The 1-Port Clear Channel DS3/E3 Gigabit-Backplane Physical Interface Module (GPIM) has the following loopback diagnostics:

  • DS3 mode: local, remote, payload

  • E3 mode: local and remote

  • Test patterns (BERT):

    • All ones

    • All zeros

    • Alternating ones and zeros (AA/55)

    • PRBS 2^15-1 (as specified in ITU-T 0.151)

    • PRBS 2^20-1 (as specified in ITU-T 0.153)

    • PRBS 2^23-1 (as specified in ITU-T 0.151)

    • PRBS 2^9-1

    • PRBS 2^11-1

    • PRBS 2^29-1

    • PRBS 2^31-1

    • QRSS 2^20-1 (as specified in ITU-T 0.151)

  • BERT results must be in the following form:

    • Received bit count

    • Received error count

In conformance with ANSI T1.107-1995, the 1-Port Clear Channel DS3/E3 GPIM supports both generation and detection of FEAC codes, as well as line-loopback activate and deactivate control codes.