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    QFX10000 DC Power Supply

    QFX10000 modular switches can use either AC or DC power supplies.

    Caution: Do not mix AC and DC power supplies in the same chassis.

    The DC power supplies in QFX10000 switches are 2500 W, hot-insertable, hot-removable, field-replaceable units (FRUs). Power supplies install in any available power supply slot.

    • In a QFX10008 modular chassis, you can install up to six power supplies in the slots labeled PSU 0 through PSU 5 (top to bottom) located in the rear of the chassis.
    • In a QFX10016 modular chassis, you can install up to 10 power supplies in the slots labeled PSU 0 through PSU 9 (top to bottom) located in the rear of the chassis.

    The output of each DC power supply is 12 VDC. The output power is 2500 W.

    Warning: The switch is pluggable type A equipment installed in a restricted-access location. It has a separate protective earthing terminal on the chassis that must be connected to earth ground permanently to ground the chassis adequately and protect the operator from electrical hazards.

    Caution: Before you begin installing the switch, ensure that a licensed electrician has attached an appropriate grounding lug to the grounding cable that you supply. Using a grounding cable with an incorrectly attached lug can damage the switch.

    Note: DC power supplies are shipped only in the redundant configuration of QFX10000 switches. For details about different chassis configurations, see QFX10008 Components and Configurations and QFX10016 Components and Configurations.

    Each DC power supply weighs approximately 6 lb (2.7 kg) and has two independent pairs of DC input lugs (Input 1, RTN, –48V/–60V and Input 2, RTN, –48V/–60V) on the faceplate of the power supply. Each inlet requires a dedicated DC power feed. Although each inlet provides sufficient input power to provide full output, always connect to a dedicated DC power feed to provide redundancy. Only one power feed is operational at a time.

    DC power models employ electronic A-B input selection. It provides 2N source redundancy and N+1 power supply redundancy using fewer power supplies than you would require in a 2N configuration. Should one power source fail, electronic A-B input selection switches the power supply to the alternate source.

    Each DC power supply has a power switch with international markings for on (|) and off (O), a fan, and four LEDs on the faceplate that indicate the status of the power supply. See Figure 1.

    Figure 1: DC Power Supply

    DC Power Supply

    Note: The DC power supply requires a dedicated circuit breaker for each input DC feed. The chosen breaker should be sized to deliver 60 A of input current.

    Each power supply connects to the combined power rail in a QFX10008 or QFX10016. The power rail distributes the output power produced by the power supplies to different switch components. Each AC power supply provides power to all the components in the switch.

    A DC power supply can operate with only one input DC feed connected. The Control Board only enables the components for which sufficient power is available.

    Each DC power supply has its own fan and is cooled by its own internal cooling system. The airflow is from the front of the power supply to the back. Hot air exhausts from the rear of the chassis.

    Modified: 2017-01-19