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AC Power Supply for ACX7100-32C Routers


The ACX7100-32C AC router operates at 1600 W. The two power supply modules (PSMs) in ACX7100-32C routers are hot-removable and hot-insertable field-replaceable units (FRUs). The PSMs are preinstalled in the router. You can replace the PSMs without powering off the router or disrupting the router function.


Do not mix AC and DC PSMs in the same chassis.

Figure 1 shows the AC PSM in ACX7100-32C routers.

Figure 1: AC PSM in an ACX7100-32C Router
AC PSM in an ACX7100-32C
Latch lever
AC inlet

Table 1 lists the PSM and the direction of airflow.

Table 1: Airflow Direction in AC PSMs for ACX7100-32C

Power Supply Modules


Direction of Airflow

Color of Power Supply Module Handle


1600 W

Airflow out (front-to-back)

Juniper gold