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Port Panel of ACX7100-32C Routers


The port panel of an ACX7100-32C router has the following port configurations:

  • Thirty-two quad small form-factor pluggable (QSFP28) transceivers (ports 0 through 31) that operate at 100-Gbps speed when you use QSFP28 transceivers or at 40-Gbps speed when you use QSFP+ transceivers.


    You can configure port 31 as a 1-Gigabit SFP grandmaster port by using a QSA adapter to convert the QSFP28 port to a 1-Gigabit SFP port.

  • Four double density quad small-form factor pluggable (QSFP56-DD) ports (ports 32 through 35) that are configured as 400GbE ports by default.

    The QSFP56-DD network ports support:

    • QSFP56-DD transceivers

    • QSFP28-DD transceivers

    • QSFP28 transceivers

    • QSFP+ transceivers

    • Active optical cables (AOC)

    • Direct attach copper (DAC) cables

Figure 1 shows the port panel on an ACX7100-32C router.

Figure 1: ACX7100-32C Router Port Panel
ACX7100-32C Router Port
100GbE ports (32 QSFP28 ports)
400GbE ports (4 QSFP56-DD ports)