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ACX710 Grounding Cable and Lug Specifications


For installations that require a separate grounding conductor to the chassis, the router must be adequately grounded before power is connected to ensure proper operation and to meet safety and electromagnetic interference (EMI) requirements. To ground an ACX710 router, connect a grounding cable to earth ground, and then attach it to the chassis grounding points.


The router is pluggable type A equipment installed in a restricted-access location. It has a separate protective earthing terminal provided on the chassis in addition to the grounding pin of the power supply cord. This separate protective earthing terminal must be permanently connected to earth ground for installations that require a separate grounding conductor to the chassis.


To comply with GR-1089 requirements, all intra-building copper cabling used for SFP+ and QSFP+ ports must be shielded and grounded at both ends.


Before router installation begins, a licensed electrician must attach a cable lug to the grounding cables that you supply. A cable with an incorrectly attached lug can damage the router.


You must ensure that all cables are rated for the environment in which they are deployed.

For an ACX710 router, you need a grounding cable and straight lug with dual holes. You also need a dual-hole straight lug connector. The grounding lug accommodates 6 AWG (10 mm²), minimum 90° C wire, or as required by the local code.