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M320 AC Power Electrical Specifications


Table 1 lists the AC power supply and power system electrical specifications. For information about AC power cord specifications, see M320 AC Power Cord Specifications. For information about connecting the router to power, see Connecting Power to an AC-Powered M320 Router.

Table 1: AC Power Electrical Specifications



Power Supply

Maximum output power

1750 W

AC input voltage

Operating range: 180 to 264 VAC

AC input line frequency

47 to 63 Hz

AC input current rating

10 A @ 200 VAC

8.5 A @ 240 VAC

Power System

AC input voltage

Operating range: 200 to 240 VAC

AC input line frequency

47 to 63 Hz

AC system current rating

17 A @ 200 VAC

14 A @ 240 VAC


If you plan to operate a maximally configured AC-powered router, we recommend that you provision at least 14 A @ 240 VAC (or 17 A @ 200 VAC) for the system, or at least 10 A for each power supply.

Each AC power supply has a single AC appliance inlet that requires a dedicated AC power feed and a dedicated 15 A (250 VAC) circuit breaker. Use a facility circuit breaker rated for 15 A (250 VAC) minimum for each AC power supply. Doing so enables you to operate the router in any configuration without upgrading the power infrastructure.