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    Optical ILA General Laser Safety Guidelines

    Devices with single-mode optical interfaces are equipped with laser transmitters, which are considered a Class 1 Laser Product by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and are evaluated as a Class 1 Laser Product per EN 60825–1 +A11 +A2 requirements.

    When working around devices with optical interfaces, observe the following safety guidelines to prevent eye injury:

    • Do not look into unterminated ports or at fibers that connect to unknown sources.
    • Do not examine unterminated optical ports with optical instruments.
    • Avoid direct exposure to the beam.

      Warning: Unterminated optical connectors can emit invisible laser radiation. The lens in the human eye focuses all the laser power on the retina, so focusing the eye directly on a laser source—even a low-power laser—could permanently damage the eye.

    Modified: 2016-06-07