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M7i AC Power Electrical Safety Guidelines and Warnings


The following electrical safety guidelines apply to AC-powered routers:

  • AC-powered routers are shipped with a three-wire electrical cord with a grounding-type plug that fits only a grounding-type power outlet. Do not circumvent this safety feature. Equipment grounding should comply with local and national electrical codes.

  • You must provide an external circuit breaker rated minimum 15 A (250 VAC) in the building installation.

  • The power cord serves as the main disconnecting device. The socket outlet must be near the router and be easily accessible.

  • The cores in the mains lead are colored in accordance with the following code:

    • Green and yellow—Earth

    • Blue—Neutral

    • Brown—Live

  • When a router is equipped with two AC power supplies, both power cords (one for each power supply) must be unplugged to completely disconnect power to the router.

  • Note the following warnings printed on the AC power supply faceplate:

    • To completely de-energize the system disconnect maximum of 2 power cordsets.

    • Apparaten skall anslutas till jordat uttag när den ansluts till ett nätverk. [Swedish]