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General Laser Safety Guidelines for M10i Routers


Physical Interface Cards (PICs) with single-mode optical interfaces are equipped with laser transmitters, which are considered a Class 1 Laser Product by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and are evaluated as a Class 1 Laser Product per EN 60825–1 +A11 +A2 requirements.

When working around PICs, observe the following safety guidelines to prevent eye injury:

  • Do not look into unterminated ports or at fibers that connect to unknown sources.

  • Do not examine unterminated optical ports with optical instruments.

  • Avoid direct exposure to the beam.


    Unterminated optical connectors can emit invisible laser radiation. The lens in the human eye focuses all the laser power on the retina, so focusing the eye directly on a laser source—even a low-power laser—could permanently damage the eye.