Technical Documentation

Wall-Mounting Requirements and Warnings

Ensure that the wall onto which the EX-series switch is installed is stable and securely supported.

If you are mounting the switch in sheetrock (wall board with a gypsum plaster core) or in wall board not backed by wall studs, use hollow wall anchors capable of supporting the combined weight of two fully-loaded chassis, up to 44 lb (20 kg). Insert the screws into wall studs wherever possible to provide added support for the chassis.

Warning: When mounted in a vertical position, an EX 3200 or EX 4200 chassis must be oriented with the front panel of the chassis pointing down in order to ensure proper air flow and meet safety requirements in the event of a fire.

Warning: Avertissement : lorsqu’installé en position verticale, un châssis de commutation EX 3200 ou EX 4200 doit être orienté avec le panneau avant dirigé vers le bas.

Warning: Warnhinweis: Bei der Befestigung in vertikaler Position muss ein EX 3200- oder EX 4200-Switch-Gehäuse so ausgerichtet werden, dass das vordere Bedienfeld des Switch-Gehäuses nach unten zeigt.