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    Tools and Parts Required for Connecting the MX2010 Router to Power

    To provide power to the router, you need the following tools and parts:

    • Phillips (+) screwdrivers, numbers 1 and 2
    • 2.5 mm flat-blade (–) screwdriver
    • 7/16-in. (11 mm) hexagonal-head external drive socket wrench, or nut driver, with a torque range between 23 lb-in. (2.6 Nm) and 25 lb-in. (2.8 Nm), for tightening nuts to terminal studs on each power distribution module (PDM).
    • The terminal block connections on the AC delta and wye PDM use a 1/4-in. slotted screwdriver for the slotted screws. Use a 5/32-in. (4 mm) Allen wrench for the 5/16-in. hex screws.
    • Wire cutters
    • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding wrist strap

    Caution: The maximum torque rating of the terminal studs on the DC PDM is 25 lb-in. (33.89 Nm). The terminal studs might be damaged if excessive torque is applied. Use only a torque-controlled driver or socket wrench to tighten nuts on the DC PDM terminal studs. Use an appropriately sized driver or socket wrench. Ensure that the driver is undamaged and properly calibrated and that you have been trained in its use. You might want to use a driver that is designed to prevent overtorque when the preset torque level is achieved.

    Modified: 2016-03-29