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Preparing the Site for the MX2008 Router Overview


To prepare a site for router installation:

  1. Verify that environmental factors such as temperature and humidity do not exceed router tolerances. See:
  2. Verify that the site and installation plan meets all safety guidelines and requirements. See:
  3. Locate sites for connection of system grounding. See:
  4. Calculate the power consumption and requirements.

    Measure distance between external power sources and the router installation site. See:

    AC power:

    DC Power:

  5. Plan rack location, including required space clearances. See:
  6. Verify that the plan for power installation meets all electrical safety guidelines. See:

    General Electrical Safety Guidelines and Electrical Codes for Juniper Networks Devices

  7. Verify that your rack meets the minimum requirements for the installation of the router. See:
  8. Plan to secure the rack to the floor and building structure.
  9. Acquire cables and connections. See:
  10. Plan the cable routing and management. See:

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