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    JCS1200 Hardware Component Installation Guidelines

    Before you install any modules or fillers in the JCS1200 platform, read the following information:

    • Read the safety information in General Safety Warnings for Juniper Networks Devices and General Safety Guidelines for Juniper Networks Devices. This information will help you work safely.
    • Orange on a component or an orange label on or near a component indicates that the component is hot-swappable, which means that you can remove or install the component while the JCS1200 platform is running. (Orange can also indicate touch points on hot-swappable components.) See the instructions for removing or installing a specific hot-swappable component for any additional procedures that you might have to perform before you remove or install the component.
    • You do not have to disconnect the JCS1200 platform from power to install or replace any of the hot-swappable modules in the platform. You must shut down the operating system and power off a Routing Engine before you remove the Routing Engine, but you do not have to shut down the platform itself (see Powering Off a JCS1200 Routing Engine).
    • Blue on a component indicates touch points where you can grip the component to open and close a latch or where you can grab a component to remove it from or install it into the platform.

    Published: 2013-01-30