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JCS 1200 Cabinet Airflow Requirements

When you mount the JCS 1200 platform in a cabinet, you must ensure that ventilation through the cabinet is sufficient to prevent overheating. Consider the following list of requirements when you plan for chassis cooling:

  • Ensure that the cool air supply you provide through the cabinet can adequately dissipate the thermal output of the JCS 1200 platform. For information about the JCS 1200 platform's environmental specifications, including its operating temperature and thermal output, see JCS 1200 Platform Environmental Specifications.
  • Ensure that the cabinet allows the chassis hot exhaust air to exit from the cabinet without recirculating into the JCS 1200 platform. An open cabinet (without a top or doors) that employs hot air exhaust extraction from the top allows the best airflow through the chassis. If the cabinet contains a top or doors, perforations in these elements assist with removing the hot air exhaust.
  • Route and dress all cables to minimize the blockage of airflow to and from the chassis.
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