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TX Matrix LED Overview


Craft Interface LEDs

The craft interface is the panel on the front of the TX Matrix router that displays system status messages and allows you to troubleshoot the TX Matrix router. The craft interface is located on the lower front of the TX Matrix router below the air filter.

LEDs on the craft interface include the following:

  • Host subsystem LEDs—Three LEDs (one green MASTER, one green ONLINE, and one red OFFLINE) indicate the status of each host subsystem. The host subsystem LEDs are located on the right of the craft interface, and are labeled HOST 0 and HOST 1.

    See TX Matrix Host Subsystem LEDs on the Craft Interface.

  • TX-SIB LEDs—Three LEDs (one green ACTIVE, one green OK, and one red FAIL) indicate the status of each TX-SIB. The TX-SIB LEDs are located along the top of the craft interface. The corresponding TX-SIB slots are identified by the labels on the TX-SIB online/offline buttons (SIB0 through SIB4).

    See TX Matrix TX-SIB LEDs on the Craft Interface.

  • Alarm LEDs—One large red circular LED and one large yellow triangular LED, located on the left of the craft interface, indicate two levels of alarm conditions. You can determine the cause of the alarm condition by looking at the LED display on the craft interface.

    See TX Matrix Alarm LEDs on the Craft Interface .

Component LEDs

The following LEDs are located on various TX Matrix router components and display the status of those components: