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SRX Clustering Module SRX3K-CRM


The SRX Clustering Module (SCM) is a card that you can install in the SRX3400 and SRX3600 Services Gateway to enable the dual control link feature for chassis cluster supported in Junos OS Release 10.2 and later (Figure 1). You install the SCM in the RE1 slot on the rear panel of the services gateway.

Figure 1: SRX Clustering Module SRX3K-CRMSRX3K-CRM
SRX Clustering Module SRX3K-CRMSRX3K-CRM

The services gateway must be running Junos OS Release 10.2 or later to use the SCM. When running earlier Junos OS Releases, the services gateway does not properly recognize it.

For more information about configuring and managing chassis clusters, see the chapter “Chassis Cluster” in the Junos OS Security Configuration Guide.


  • SRX Clustering Module for SRX3400 and SRX3600

  • Power requirement: 35 W maximum

  • Weight: 2.0 lb (0.9 kg)

Software release

  • Junos OS Release 10.2 and later

Cables and connectors


Supported Slots

  • SRX1400: Not Applicable

  • SRX3400 and SRX3600: Slot RE1 only.


The SCM is a cold-swap-only module. You must power-off the services gateway before removing or installing the SCM.


ONLINE Button–The ONLINE button on the SCM front panel does not perform any function.


OK/FAIL LED, one bicolor

  • Off–One or more of the following conditions apply:

    • The services gateway is not powered on.

    • The services gateway is still in the process of either booting or shutting down.

    • The services gateway is not configured for chassis clustering.

  • Steady Green–The services gateway is configured for chassis clustering, and the SCM is operating normally.

  • Blinking Green–The SCM is initializing (preparing to come online) or is preparing to go offline.

  • Red–The SCM has failed and is not operating normally.

Serial Number Location

The serial number label is located as shown in Figure 2).

Figure 2: SCM Serial Number Label
SCM Serial Number Label