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MX10003 MPC (Multi-Rate)


Software release

  • Junos OS release 17.3R1 and later


  • Weight: 30 lb (13.61 kg) (net weight without blank panel and without any MIC in slot 1)

  • Model number: MX10003-LC2103

  • Power requirement:

    715 W at 55° C

    660 W at 25° C

  • Name in the CLI: LC2103

Hardware features

  • The MX10003 MPC is a 1.2-Terabit capable MPC with three Packet Forwarding Engine complexes (that is, three EA ASICs). The EA ASIC operates in 400G mode.

  • The Packet Forwarding Engine is based on the third generation of the Trio chpiset architecture---namely, the EA (Eagle) ASIC. The Packet Forwarding Engine offers 400 Gbps of WAN and fabric bandwidth each.

  • MX10003 MPC has six built-in QSFP+ optics ports, and one MIC slot.

  • Supports Multi-Rate Ethernet Modular Interface Card (MIC) (model numbers: JNP-MIC1 and JNP-MIC1-MACSEC), and the fixed-port PIC (6xQSFPP). For information about which MICs are supported on this MPC, see MIC/MPC Compatibility.

  • Supports maximum transmission units (MTUs) from 256 bytes through 16,000 bytes for transit traffic, and from 256 bytes through 9,500 bytes for host bound packets.

Software features

For more information about features supported on MX10003 MPC, see Protocols and Applications Supported by the MX10003 MPC (Multi-Rate) on the MX10003 Router.

Cables and connectors

Tip: You can use the Hardware Compatibility Tool to find information about the pluggable transceivers supported on your Juniper Networks device.

The list of supported transceivers for the MX Series is located at;=All&pf;=MX+Series.

Power requirements

(without MICs)

  • At different temperatures:

    55° C: 715 W

    25° C: 660 W


OK/FAIL LED, one bicolor:

  • Steady green—MPC is functioning normally and the link is up.

  • Off—MPC is plugged-in but not powered on.

  • Red—MPC has failed.

For information on the lane LEDs (Lo, L1, L2, and L3), see MPC and MIC Lane LED Scheme Overview.

Table 1 summarize the port speed capability of MX10003 MPCs.

Table 1: MX10003 MPC (Multi-Rate) Port Speed


Port Number

Port Speed Supported



40 Gigabit Ethernet

4X10-Gigabit Ethernet



100 Gigabit Ethernet

40 Gigabit Ethernet

4X10-Gigabit Ethernet