Technical Documentation

T320 FRU List

Table 1 lists the FRUs for the T320 Core router.

Table 1: T320 Field-Replaceable Units

Hot-Removable and Hot-Insertable FRUs

Hot-Pluggable FRUs

  • Craft interface
  • Flexible PIC Concentrators (FPCs)
  • Physical Interface Cards (PICs)
  • Switch Interface Boards (SIBs)
  • SONET Clock Generators (SCGs)
  • Power supplies
  • Front and rear fan trays
  • Air filters
  • Backup T Series Control Board (T-CB)
  • Backup Routing Engine
  • Routing Engine (if not redundant)
  • Master routing engine
  • T-CB (if not redundant)
  • Master T-CB
  • Connector Interface Panel (CIP)

Published: 2009-11-11