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M40e FPC Components

An FPC has the components:

  • FPC card carrier—Houses the ASICs, connectors, and processor subsystem.
  • Two I/O Manager ASICs—Parse Layer 2 and Layer 3 data and perform encapsulation and segmentation. One I/O Manager ASIC is active, interacting with the active SFM, while the other is in standby mode, prepared to interact with the standby SFM if it is installed and becomes active. The active I/O Manager ASIC divides incoming packets into 64-byte data cells for easier processing, and reassembles the cells for each packet after the forwarding decision is made for it.
  • Two Packet Director ASICs—Transfer packets between the PICs and the active I/O Manager ASIC: one directs incoming packets from the PICs to the active I/O Manager ASIC, while the second directs outgoing packets from the I/O Manager ASIC to the PICs.
  • Four identical synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) dual inline memory modules (DIMMs)—Form the memory pool shared with the other FPCs installed in the router.
  • Parity-protected synchronous SRAM (SSRAM)—Stores data structures used by the I/O Manager ASICs.
  • Processor subsystem—Manages packet handling in the FPC and communication with the SFM. It is a PowerPC 603e-based CPU with parity-protected DRAM.
  • EEPROM—Stores the serial number and revision level of the FPC.
  • Two LEDs—Indicate FPC status. The LED labeled OK is green and the one labeled FAIL is red. The LEDs for each FPC are located on the router craft interface. For more information, see FPC LEDs and Controls on the M40e Craft Interface.
  • Offline button—Prepares the FPC for removal from the router when pressed. Like the LEDs, an offline button is located on the craft interface. For more information, see FPC LEDs and Controls on the M40e Craft Interface.
  • Four PIC offline buttons (on Type 1 FPCs only)—Prepare each corresponding PIC for removal from the FPC.
  • Ejector levers—Control the locking system that secures the FPC in the card cage.

Note: For specific information about FPC components (for example, the amount of memory available), issue the show chassis fpc command.

Published: 2010-05-20

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