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AX411 Access Point Configuration Example: Layer 3 Mode (CLI)


The following example shows one way to use the Junos OS CLI to configure the services gateway so that access points are in Layer 3 management mode similar to the factory default configuration of the built-in ports on the SRX650 Services Gateway. The example shown in the procedure below is based on configuring Gigabit Ethernet ports 0 through 4 on a GPIM installed in slot 1 of an SRX650 Services Gateway, but you can adapt it for use in other situations. For information about other configurations, see the Junos OS WLAN Configuration and Administration Guideand the Junos OS Interfaces and Routing Configuration Guide.

  1. Establish a CLI session with the services gateway and log in to the device.
  2. Enter configuration mode:
  3. Create logical interfaces for the ports to which the access points are connected:
  4. Configure DHCP gateway addresses for each of the ports:
  5. Configure DHCP address pools for each of the ports:
  6. Add each logical interface to a valid security zone:
  7. Commit your changes: