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Preparing to Upgrade an Operational TX Matrix Plus Routing Matrix to 3D SIBs


This procedure describes preparing to upgrade your operational TX Matrix Plus routing matrix to 3D SIBs. During the operational upgrade, the TX Matrix Plus switch-fabric chassis (SFC) and up to four attached T1600 line-card chassis (LCCs) are upgraded simultaneously. If you plan to later attach additional LCCs, they must be integrated into the routing matrix while they are powered off.


This topic does not describe the preparation required to upgrade an operational standalone router and integrate it into a TX Matrix Plus routing matrix with 3D SIBs. See Upgrading an Operational Standalone Router and Integrating It into a TX Matrix Plus Routing Matrix with 3D SIBs for more information.

To prepare to upgrade an operational TX Matrix Plus routing matrix to 3D SIBs:

  • Verify that you have the required hardware:

    • Verify that the installed Routing Engines in each LCC are model RE-DUO-C1800-8G or RE-DUO-C1800-16G. If necessary, upgrade the Routing Engine by performing the procedure described in Upgrading the Line-Card Chassis Host Subsystems before you begin an operational upgrade.

    • SFC and LCC upgrade kits—You must order an upgrade kit for each SFC and LCC that you plan to upgrade, or order all the required hardware separately. See Line-Card Chassis Component Overview and Upgrade Kits for TX Matrix Plus Routers and Line-Card Chassis for information about the required hardware.


      The upgrade kit for the SFC includes 80 active optical cables (AOCs) with integrated transceivers or CXP transceivers and CXP cables. The kit supports connections to either up to two T4000 LCCs, up to four T1600 LCCs, or one T4000 LCC and up to two T1600 LCCs. If you plan to later install additional LCCs, you must order additional SIBs for the SFC and LCCs, as well as additional AOCs or CXP transceivers and CXP cables.

    • Cable management system—You can optionally order a new LCC rear cable management system (CBL-MGR-TXP-3D-LCC) for each LCC to organize the cables.

    • Additional DC power cables to connect the six-input DC power supplies, if the power supplies are being upgraded.

  • Review all safety guidelines and warnings for the TX Matrix Plus routing matrix.


    To avoid harm to yourself or the TX Matrix Plus routing matrix as you install and maintain it, you must follow the safety procedures for working with Internet routers, as well as the guidelines and warnings for working with and near electrical equipment. However, providing an exhaustive set of guidelines for working with electrical equipment is beyond the scope of this documentation.

    See General Safety Guidelines for Juniper Networks Devices and General Safety Warnings for Juniper Networks Devices.