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Hardware Required for Upgrading from a T640 Router to a T1600 Router


To upgrade a T640 router to a standaloneT1600 router, you install the following hardware components:

  • Two redundant, load-sharing power supplies. See T1600 Power System Description for a list of power supplies supported for the T1600 router.


    You cannot mix different DC power supplies in the same router except during upgrade. DC power supplies and AC power supplies must not be mixed in the same router.

  • Five T1600-SIBs.

  • One T1600 craft interface panel.

  • See T1600 Control Boards Description for a list of control boards supported for the T1600 router.

For a T1600 router in a router matrix, additional components and different SIBs are required. See the TX Matrix Plus Router Hardware Guide for more information.