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Switching Plane Connections Between the TX Matrix Router and T640 Routers


The switching plane connections between the T640 routers and the TX Matrix router are provided by the fiber-optic array cables that connect the T640-SIBs to the TX-SIBs. Table 1 shows these connections. Each column represents a TX-SIB (TX-SIB-0 through TX-SIB-4), and each cell within a column represents an adapter on that TX-SIB. Each cell specifies the TX-SIB adapter (LCC0 through LCC3) and its connection to a T640-SIB in one of the T640 routers. For example, adapter LCC0 on TX-SIB-0 is connected to T640-SIB-0 in chassis LCC0, adapter LCC1 on TX-SIB-0 is connected to T640-SIB-0 in chassis LCC1, and so on.

The cable connections provided in Table 1 apply to routing matrix configurations using from one through four T640 routers. For example, if you have a single T640 router in your configuration, the connections from each TX-SIB to chassis LCC0 are presented in the first row of the table. If you have two T640 routers in your configuration, the connections from each TX-SIB to chassis LCC0 and LCC1 are presented in the first two rows of the table, and so on.

Table 1: Fiber-Optic Array Cable Connections Between TX-SIBs and T640-SIBs

TX-SIB-0 Adapter and Destination

TX-SIB-1 Adapter and Destination

TX-SIB-2 Adapter and Destination

TX-SIB-3 Adapter and Destination

TX-SIB-4 Adapter and Destination

LCC0—T640-SIB-0 in LCC0

LCC0—T640-SIB-1 in LCC0

LCC0—T640-SIB-2 in LCC0

LCC0—T640-SIB-3 in LCC0

LCC0—T640-SIB-4 in LCC0

LCC1—T640-SIB-0 in LCC1

LCC1—T640-SIB-1 in LCC1

LCC1—T640-SIB-2 in LCC1

LCC1—T640-SIB-3 in LCC1

LCC1—T640-SIB-4 in LCC1

LCC2—T640-SIB-0 in LCC2

LCC2—T640-SIB-1 in LCC2

LCC2—T640-SIB-2 in LCC2

LCC2—T640-SIB-3 in LCC2

LCC2—T640-SIB-4 in LCC2

LCC3—T640-SIB-0 in LCC3

LCC3—T640-SIB-1 in LCC3

LCC3—T640-SIB-2 in LCC3

LCC3—T640-SIB-3 in LCC3

LCC3—T640-SIB-4 in LCC3

Figure 1 shows the control and switching planes connections between the TX Matrix router and a T640 router. Five switching planes are shown.


Because the T640-SIB adapters and fiber-optic array cable connectors extend beyond the rear of the chassis, you need a minimum of 4 inches of clearance in the rear of a T640 router installed in a cabinet.

Figure 1: Switching Planes Connections
Switching Planes Connections